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Better Health Outcomes

Studies show patients adherence to their wellness plans improved significantly reducing readmission rates up to 40%

Higher Patient Experience Scores

90% of patients reported the platform improved their hospital experience which equated to an increase in HCAHPS scores

Better Communication & Relationships

69% of patients who used PadInMotion reported they had a good understanding of managed health vs 57% without

The most innovative health systems use PadInMotion to power

Personalized Care

Customized information for patients and their loved ones. Delivering insights into the wellness plan including medications, test results and scheduled consults.

Patient Education

PadInMotion delivers over a thousand accredited interactive videos making it easier for the clinical team to communicate and engage with their patients on complex medical plans or procedures.


Thousands of movies, games, reading, and music selections to curate a personalized experience and reduce anxiety. Guided mindfulness and relaxation exercises included for recovery and long term benefits

Digital Food Ordering

Enabling patients to order food tailored to their dietary needs, personal preferences, and medical requirements. Personalized ordering can increase appetite and recovery while reducing waste

Interpretation Services

Providing access to interpreters via video reduces anxiety and builds trust while decreasing operational costs.

Health Facility Navigation

Large Health facilities can be confusing. Using PadInMotion’s platform patients can successfully map all areas of the facility and even send instructions to their loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 80% of patients are unhappy with their healthcare experience and only 12% of adults have proficient health literacy. In other words, nearly nine out of ten adults lack the skills needed to manage their health. Preventable complications are tragic and costly. Providing an engaging digital experience empowers patients and improves health outcomes.
No – the user experience is branded for the health system and customized to meet the clinical workflow requirement of the clinical specialty.
Deployment is fast and easy. Patients can begin using the tablets three weeks after contract signing.
The solution is HIPAA compliant.
Patients access the platform via a tablet at the point of care and on their phones at home and on the go.
We measure success along three dimensions – patient experience, outcomes and relationships. Our reporting engine provides you insight into all three dimensions and see how you compare to your peers.

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