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Tablet Technology Creating Educated Patients at Discharge

THE WELLNESS NETWORK – “The tablet is straightforward and user friendly. Our patients are normally in their sixties, seventies, or eighties, so they need an easy platform. The tablets are very well received by staff and patients alike. It’s very rare that we get feedback that a patient can’t figure out how to use the tablet, even if it’s their first time.” – COI Operations Manager

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Case Study

St. Luke’s Cardiac Patients Adopt Tablet-Based Education Solution

THE WELLNESS NETWORK – (T)he nursing staff had been using late-model televisions and VHS tape to help educate patients. “We would wheel these big TVs into the rooms and pop a tape in.” According to metrics, . . . the tablets experienced more than a thousand interactions, over the 90-day pilot period. (S)taff members remark(ed,) it was “great for patient education,” “easy to use,” and worked for “patients with a low reading level.” (T)he average patient rat(ed) the tablet experience as a 9 on a scale of 1-10.

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6 Ways to Help Asthma and COPD Patients Follow Their Treatment Program

FLORENCE HEALTH – “Adhering to treatment can improve lung function and prevent exacerbation and trips to the hospital,” says Jenna Schulner, PA at the Mount Sinai Respiratory Institute in New York. “We need to show patients how to use the equipment, not just tell them.” (She) teach(es) patients how to use an inhaler and then ask(s) patients to teach back. (The) office also uses PadInMotion, which provides patients with how-to videos they can consult anytime.

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Press Release

Samsung Spotlights New Digital Health Solutions at HIMSS 2019

SAMSUNG NEWSROOM – In clinical settings, it’s critical that new technologies not only improve efficiencies while ensuring HIPAA compliance, but also seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and legacy systems. Samsung’s partners are leveraging Samsung technology to do this very thing (including) PadInMotion (and others) which aid clinicians in managing a range of work—from medical training and patient assessments, to internal communications and patient information management.

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